National Council for Scientific Research – Lebanon

CNRS-L | November 16, 2022

GIS DAY - Mapping Common ground from Risk to Resilience

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National Council for Scientific Research – Lebanon Event

The CNRS and the DRM Lebanon Unit in collaboration with Esri Lebanon took part in the #GIS week “Mapping Common Ground” by hosting the GIS day “From Risk to Resilience” on the 16th of November in the CNRS conference room. After the welcoming speeches, the interventions were done as follows: Eng. Hassan Al Sabea Ph.D. candidate at the CNRS-L presenting “Flood Risk Assessment", Eng. Nadine Aoun from the Ministry of Economy and Trade - the Republic of Lebanon presenting "Food Security", Eng. Bashar Mokdad from the DRM Unit presenting "GIS Role in Achieving DRR role in Lebanon", Eng. Houssein Khatib from the CNRS presented "Forest Fire and Early Warning System" and Mr. Mohamad Chalhoub from Esri Lebanon presented "The Emergency Management Solution".

An open panel discussing the future sustainability using "Location Intelligence" took place after that: Dr. Jalal Halwani representing the Lebanese University and Solidarité International, Mr. Nizar Hani representing the Chouf Biosphere Reserve, Mr. Zahi Chahine representing the head of the DRR unit at the Presidency of Council of Ministers at UNDP, and Dr. Chadi Abdallah representing the CNRS Lebanon.

At the end of the ceremony, a GIS License was distributed to the presenters and panelists as well as an achievement award was presented to the DRM Unit and the SuNaR EWS platform.

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Participants checking in


Opening and Lebanese anthem


Welcoming notes from Dr. Chadi Abdallah-CNRS Lebanon


Message from Jack and Welcoming notes from Mrs. Gretta Kelzi, Esri Lebanon


"Flood Risk Assessment", Eng. Hassan el Sabae-CNRS Lebanon


"Wheat Cultivation Optimization", Eng. Nadine Aoun-Ministry of Economy and Trade


"GeoSpatial Use for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Goals", Eng. Bashar Moqdad-DRM Unit at the Presidency of the Council of Minister


"Forest fire forecasting" Eng. Hussein Khatib-CNRS Lebanon


"Emergency Management Operations", Mohamad Chalhoub-Esri Lebanon


Panel: Discussing the future of sustainability using location intelligence, Moderated by Eng. Rana Habli-Esri Lebanon


Awards, recognition, and cake cutting


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